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Over 50 Ladies Fashion

over 50 ladies fashion

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over 50 ladies fashion - Dressing Rich:

Dressing Rich: A Guide to Classic Chic for Women with More Taste than Money (Perigee Book)

Dressing Rich: A Guide to Classic Chic for Women with More Taste than Money (Perigee Book)

Dressing rich is dressing with elegance, class, and taste. It is the understated, sophisticated, classic look that has been the signature of stylish women from Garbo to Jackie O. Fashion trends may change from season to season, but the concepts of elegance and classic chic defy time and will always be a winning constant. In Dressing Rich, style guru Leah Feldon gives you all the strategies you need to put together a look that is polished, prosperous, elegant and chiceven on a shoestring. With the wit and insight that has propelled her to the top of her field, Feldon details the earmarks of a status look, as she offers practical advice on how to achieve them. She offers the bottom line on wardrobe basics, fabrics, color, design, handbags, and hairdos, and shows you that what you lack in capital you can make up for with savvy, imagination, resourcefulness, and a winning spirit.

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I have seen a few Flicker people offering up “50 facts” about themselves and I was inspired to do the same thing.

Here we go in a totally random harem sacrum way.

1.I stand 5’11 (a little taller when I stand on my tippy toes).

2.I have been drawing from the age of three, and it was evident that some talent was there (I was drawing on the walls).

3.My first crush was around the age of seven and the lucky lady was Lucy. (I never forgot).

4.I love both chocolate and vanilla ice cream (sometimes at the same time).

5.I am living proof that you can be both an Elvis and Beatles fan (Does Frank Zappa fit in there?)

6.My grandfather turned me onto the great and dynamic Johnny Cash ( l love you, granddad).

7.My favorite sexual positions are those where the woman is on top (OK, Doggie is good too).

8.I am a perfectionist. (did I get this right?)

9.I am very sensitive and I feel strongly about things (please don't hurt me).

10. I try to be a better person than I am now, with an occasional lapse. (People never let go of the lapses no matter how good you are).

11. I love art with all my mind and heart (that is what it is alllllll about).

12. I don’t believe in God (I have been told he believes in me, but I don't care).

13. I am baffled and deeply troubled by cruel people—much more than what I see in others when they witness the same cruelty (some of these people may be our friends).

14. I am fiercely protective and devoted to those people I love (this is an understatement).

15. I paint to music---I MUST. I love Kupra's SING, SING, SING big band stuff.

16. I have a dimple that my girlfriend use to stick her index finger into (I'm not going there ;]

17. I sometimes swing from feeling elated and joyful to very down and blue (I'm an artist, give me a break).

18. I am a big reader and movie fanatic (all apart of the artist thing).

19. I wish I had a family…my own (I am a real mush).

20. I brush my teeth three times a day (feels so good!)

21. I am extremely and fanatically frugal…or otherwise CHEAP. I’m perhaps too good with money (some people think I am a starving artist because of it).

22. My grandfather was and is my moral compass—and NOT my biological parents (I love you gramps).

23. I am Canadian, but wish I were American (other Canadians hate this).

24. I am extremely affectionate and loving (come here and kiss me).

25. I have a nice singing voice (or HAD I should say).

26. I have dumped more women--much more than I have been dumped (now I know how they feel).

27. I love old music and old movies—from the 1920s on up (a good movie is a good movie).

28. I never told my grandfather how much I love him—and I have regretted for all the days of my life. (I LOVE YOU)

29. I wrote and directed and played in a movie at the age of 21 that aired on television—but I became a visual artist (A Canadian first).

30. I have been married once and I am extremely marriage minded (more mush from the romantic artist).

31. I am considered old-fashioned by many, but a good old-fashion (you must believe me).

32. I am very faithful in relationships and I cannot even conceive of hurting my partner by cheating on them (No, really I am, damn it!)

33. I am a dog person (Cats are growing on me though).

34. One of my first jobs was an usher in a movie theatre (movies, movies!)

35. I love old-world courtly manners and benevolence (where the hell has that gone?)

36. I make fun and satirize that which I fear and despise.

37. I can be sarcastic when I am emotionally hurt or feel I am being treated unjustly.

38. I want and need to be understood.

39. I am a good man who has done some bad things, and I am a better man because I can admit it.

40. God help me, I love coffee.

41. I’m not a big drinker, but I will drink red or white wine and I am somewhat of a beer snob.

42. I met a girl over the internet who flew in from the California, [fellow flickr member] We spent the week together, and I was being judged all over the place...yet it was also very romantic. This was a big first for me.

43. I have a certain degree of fame in Toronto as an artist.

44. I believe marriage and romantic relationships should be based on love (Wow, that makes me old-fashioned, doesn’t it?)

45. I love chicken food. Hmmm, love it.

46. I wish I had straighter hair; I have naturally wavy hair.

47. I am writing my first novel called The Hungry Artist.

48. I loathe overly structured, cold linear hyped-up intellects devoid of feeling, compassion, empathy, heart.

49. It is more important to BE a great artist than to just be seen as one.

50. I like summer (Brrrrrrr).


Hey, I wanted to share the words to this cool song. It is about judging others and taking high moralizing grounds.

"Walk A Mile In My Shoes"


If I could be you and you could be me for just one hour
If we could find a way to get inside each oth

Jenson Button and Ruffa Gutierrez both are SINGLE

Jenson Button and Ruffa Gutierrez  both are SINGLE

Jenson Button should date a Filipino Lady like Ruffa who is 75% Filipino.

Nicole Scherzinger who is 50% Filipino is a good luck charm for Lewis Hamilton.

Formula One World Drivers' Champions.

Sharmaine Ruffa Rama Gutierrez joined Show Business in 1987 at the age of 13 and on March 2010, she signed a 3-year contract with TV5 as Talk Show Host and for Acting Role projects. She is also active in Films and is set to complete a movie projects in 2010. A former Beauty Queen in the Philippines, Miss World 1993 second princess and Elite Model Look participant, she is the daughter of celebrity couple Eddie Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama. She is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Royale Artists Management since 1995. Ruffa has been in the Entertainment Industry for over 20 years and has a proven track record to be highly professional and excellent collaborator.

Follow Ruffa on TWITTER

2010 TV Host / Star Factor / TV5
2010 Acting Role / 5 Star Specials / TV5
2010-present Talent Judge / Talentadong Pinoy / TV5
2010-present TV Host / Paparazzi / TV5
2009 TV Host / Ruffa and Ai Show / ABS-CBN
2009-2010 Acting Role / I Love Betty La Fea / USA Canada TFC
2008-2009 Acting Role / I Love Betty La Fea / ABS-CBN
2007-2010 TV Host / The Buzz / ABS-CBN
2007 Acting Role / Kokey / ABS-CBN
2007 TV Host / Philippines’ Next Top Model / Solar TV
1987-2003 held various television projects regularly
2010 Working Girls
2009 Shake, Rattle & Roll XI
2008 Desperadas I, My Monster Mom and Desperadas II
1987-2003 (completed over 50 movies)

over 50 ladies fashion

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