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top fashion blogs

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Apothecary Fashion Blog mock webpage II

Apothecary Fashion Blog mock webpage II

'Apothocary' Fashion Blog
(page set up as if you clicked on "our writers"- top, left- with liks under "our writers- middle right- each name would be set up as a link with corresponding info. for each person)
Made in: Adobe Photoshop CS3
Original Graphics

Secondhand Fashion Week - Day 6 - "Happy to be alive..."

Secondhand Fashion Week - Day 6 - "Happy to be alive..."

What I'm Wearing:

Wrap Skirt - secondhand (handmade)
Yoked Top - handmade by me (secondhand fabric)
Knit Shawl - secondhand
Shoes by Xhiliration from Target

I seem to have my hands on my hips in all these pictures. Do I look intimidating? ;)

top fashion blogs

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